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By using the form below you have the possibility to submit an emojigram of a song title not yet included in the directory. Please use the search function to check it.

The emojigram

  • must only consist of emojis! Don't use any letters or symbols from the common character set. Therefore you can not use the letter "U" for "you", the @ (at sign) for "at" or the & (ampersand) for "and". A space between emojis and line breaks can be set.
  • depicts by one or more emojis the song title literally, figuratively or associatively, so that the song title can be guessed.
  • uses only emojis that are selectable in WhatsApp (including skin tones).

! Please do not submit an emojigram of the following song titles, because they've already been processed and will be published gradually: Giant, Polaroid, Psycho, Sicko Mode


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It's the publisher's decision whether or not an emojigram is added to the directory. By submitting an emojigram you agree with its possible publication in the directory listing your alias and the date of entry. You can request the deletion of your emojigram anytime by sending an e-mail. Generally only seriously meant contributions are edited.

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Sample picture:

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By the way:

Emoji Official name and examples of usage
Japanese "Secret" Button

  • Secret, mysterious ...
🔰 Japanese Symbol for Beginner

  • Beginner, learner, rookie, greenhorn, novice, freshman, corner (three-dimensional viewing) ...
📛 Name Badge

  • Name badge, name, called, named, to call someone/something, to name something ...

  • The name badge is primarily worn by children in Japan. Existing in different colours and shapes, the tulip-shaped badges are the most popular. Example photos
🐑 Ewe

  • Ewe, sheep, wool, cuddly, you ...
🛣 Motorway

  • Motorway, highway, freeway, interstate, street, road, lane, way, avenue, route, miles ...
👌🏼 OK Hand

  • OK, good, perfect, small, little, tiny, to pinch, fingers holding something ...
🏖 Beach with Umbrella

  • Beach
Not to be confused with:
🏝 Desert Island

  • Island, isle, I'll