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13 July 2016
Twitter provides 72 new emojis

Twitter is the first major platform that provides the 72 new emojis from Unicode 9.0. With the release of Twemoji 2.1 they can be used on, TweetDeck is supposed to support them shortly.

The update increases the number of Twemojis to 1813 (including skin tone modifiers), have a look at them on Emojipedia. According to Emojipedia the new Unicode 9 emojis will be supported by Google and Microsoft this summer, Apple is presumed to follow later this year.

Emojigrams created prior to today's Twemoji update won't be modiefied on To give an example the cowboy as depicted by emojis in May 2016 for the song "Space Cowboy" will stay...

🐄 👦🏻

...and won't be replaced with the new cowboy emoji which didn't exist in May:


New emojigrams that contain one or more Unicode 9 emojis will be marked with the abbreviation UC9 behind the date of entry.

Twitter's 72 new emojis from Unicode 9.0 at a glance (skin tone modifications are supported):