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News about emojis

8 March 2022
Emoji-Update 2022

The new emojis are here! After Google's Android 12L, Twitter is the second vendor to support them.
All new Twitter emojis on Emojipedia >

28 May 2021
Emoji-Update 2021

Some new emojis and many new variants of existing ones.
All new Twitter emojis on Emojipedia >

11 May 2020
Emoji-Update 2020

Twitter is first again! Check out the new Unicode 13.0 emojis.
All new Twitter emojis on Emojipedia >

3 April 2019
Emoji-Update 2019

Once again, Twitter is the first major service to provide the new emojis! The Unicode 12.0. emojis will be supported by other vendors later this year.
All new Twitter emojis on Emojipedia >

5 June 2018
Emoji-Update 2018

Twitter is the first major service to support the new emojis from Unicode 11.0. Other vendors will follow later this year.
All new Twitter emojis on Emojipedia >

11 April 2018
Twitter Emoji 2.6

As Apple already did in 2016 followed by WhatsApp and Samsung, Twitter has replaced the revolver with a water pistol. In addition some emojis were slightly modified.

24 May 2017
59 new emojis on Twitter (updated in October 2017)

With the release of Twemoji 2.3 Twitter provides as the first major platform 59 new emojis from Unicode 10.0. Including skin tone modifiers and gendered versions there are 239 new emojis in total!
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12 December 2016
New emojis on iOS

Today's release of iOS 10.2 includes new emojis! Finally iPhone users can use the 72 emojis from Unicode 9.0, which Twitter already added in July.
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24 November 2016
Can you guess these Christmas songs?

Guess Christmas and holiday season related song titles from emojis.
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20 September 2016
New emojis on Twitter, iOS and macOS

The release of Twemoji 2.2 provides 16 new occupational emojis in female and male versions. Moreover it adds gendered emojis to many existing ones.
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3 August 2016
Two new flag emojis on Twitter

From today you can use the pirate flag and rainbow flag emoji on and TweetDeck.
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13 July 2016
Twitter provides 72 new emojis

Twitter is the first major platform that provides the 72 new emojis from Unicode 9.0.
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21 June 2016
Unicode - 72 new emojis released

With today's release of Unicode 9.0 there are 72 new emojis!
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